Are you a Booking Agency?  Can you book my band?

ANS. - **DISCLAIMER: We are NOT a booking agency.  Artists we manage have their careers developed and directed for success by US.  We seek out all levels of opportunities for our artists including some that are purely for exposure as well as some that yield money for our hard working artists.  Although many are very successful at what they do, some of our Artists do this for a living and struggle as musicians, sadly often to just to keep food on the table and pay the rent.  We do all we can to help them get their music out there and connect them with people who can help them on their career path.  We help CONNECT bands and artists we Manage with Talent Buyers, Booking Agents and private Clients looking to add great talent to their event or business.

Talent looking for Management confuse Managers with Booking Agents.  If you are Talent and are SOLELY seeking gigs (and not artist-development, industry representation and career direction) then we recommend you reach out to a Booking Agent instead.

I am an Artist looking for Management. Can I apply to you for consideration? 

ANS. - We are always happy to hear from talented artists and bands who need help getting to that next level for management consideration. Please submit links to your work (Youtube, Website, Facebook, Soundcloud, etc.), a Bio, Photo, (and Links to your website and social media) to info@nightroadsent dot com (no spaces) with the title "Management Submission Consideration". Do you do covers? If so, please provide a song list of covers you can sing. Do you have originals? Please do not send mp3's. Links only to listen to them.

Serious inquires only! We do not respond to every request. If you have what we are looking for in an artist or band, we will contact you. Please leave up to 1 month to contact you if we are interested. We also work with models and actors who need help getting their career started. Send photos and links for consideration. 

If I am interested in investing in one of your artists or in your company as a whole, who can I contact?

ANS. - Thank you for your interest in helping make the Night Roads Ent. dream a reality. We believe in the amazing talent and future success of our artists but often a little financial PUSH is all that's needed to speed up that process and make those dreams a reality. From contributing to a particular artist's expensive journey to making an album in a recording studio to funding our interests in promotion, marketing and investing in our artists, any contribution is welcome. Donations can be to our account at info@nightroadsent dot com

There are many perks to being involved with a company on the cutting edge of the exciting music industry too so let us know if you are an angel investor and would like to invest in our company as a whole by contacting us at info@ nightroadsent dot com to discuss further.

On behalf our talented and often struggling artists, thank you for your donation or investment.

I want to record a quality sounding demo of my music and need a producer, inexpensive recording facility and guidance through the process. Can you help me with this? 

ANS. - Yes we can. We have produced entire albums to single songs in ALL genres and styles of music. We partner with an excellent recording facility in Westbury, NY and an excellent engineer. Let us know about your album project/demo. From Singer/Songwriters to Bands to solo Pop and R&B artists, let us help you make a quality recording, produced and radio ready for less than most competitive rates. You can write us at info@nightroadsent dot com for a quote on your recording project.

I am an up-n-coming artist and I need help and advice on getting myself out there and to the next level in the music industry. Can I hire you for a consultation? 

ANS. - Hi. Congratulations on your readiness for that NEXT step in your music career. For a one time fee of $150, you will get two 30 minute consultations to review and map out your goals and path for success. The second 30 minute session will be set up a few weeks after the first one to see how you are progressing and to fine tune or add anything that may be helpful in increasing your chances of success. You will then be eligible for a lifetime of advice by email should you ever have a question or need our opinion. Contact us at info@nightroadsent dot com to set up your consultation and get your career up and running the right way.

*Disclaimer: Consultations in no way guarantee success. Our advice is based on years of music industry experience. Success often depends on your willingness and dedication to your craft and responsibilities as an artist in this ever-changing industry as well as your marketability and talent.

I want to book one of your artists/bands and I was wondering what you base your quote price on? 

Ans. Your quote/price can be based on any number of variables including distance that needs to be traveled, duration of your event, whether or not sound would be provided, etc.. As you may know, many of these artists are musicians who do this for a living and since we represent some of the best in their field, we know their worth. Many of these artists give up hours of their time traveling to, rehearsing for and preparing for your event and many have loved ones at home to support or leave behind to perform at your event. Considering all that, your event can be 15 minutes or 3 hours, in either case it may take the artist or band well over an hour or 2 in some cases to get to your event and back, as well as hours of practicing and preparing to make your event or project the best it can be. The Artist's/Band's quotes take all this into consideration and are the fairest and most competitive around.

I am interested in booking one or more of your artists, how can I go about doing that?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in our talented artists for your event or project. You can simply fill out our Booking Artists Form right here on this site OR contact us by email at booking@nightroadsent dot com with as much info about the event (including date, time, location, etc.) and which artist(s) you are interested in hiring and as the artist's representative, we will contact the artist (band) for you get back to you ASAP with a quote.

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