Does your company do career consultations?

I am an up-n-coming artist and I need help and advice on getting myself out there and to the next level in the music industry. Can I hire you for a consultation? 

ANS. - Congratulations on your readiness for that NEXT (or maybe FIRST) step in your music career. For a one time fee of $150, you will get two 30 minute consultations to review and map out your goals and path for success. The second 30 minute session will be set up a few weeks after the first one to see how you are progressing and to fine tune or add anything that may be helpful in increasing your chances of success. You will then be eligible for a lifetime of advice by email should you ever have a question or need our opinion. Contact us at NightRoadsEnt1@gmail dot com to set up your consultation and get your career up and running the right way.

*Disclaimer: Consultations in no way guarantee success. Our advice is based on years of music industry experience. Success often depends on your willingness and dedication to your craft and responsibilities as an artist in this ever-changing industry as well as your marketability and talent.

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