Can I make a donation or invest in your company or artists?

If I am interested in investing in one of your artists or in your company as a whole, who can I contact?

ANS. - Thank you for your interest in helping make the Night Roads Entertainment Inc dream and journey for our artists a reality. We believe in the amazing talent and future success of our artists but often a little financial PUSH is all that's needed to speed up that process and make those dreams a reality. From contributing to a particular artist's expensive journey to make an album in a recording studio or tour, to funding our interests in promoting, marketing, and investing in our artists; any contribution is welcome.

Donations can be to our account at info@NightRoadsEnt dot com (no spaces) - you can email us there as well to tell us about it. 

There are many perks to being involved with a company on the cutting edge of the exciting music industry too so let us know if you would like to be an angel investor and would like to invest in our company as a whole by contacting us at info@NightRoadsEnt dot com to discuss further.

On behalf of our talented and often struggling artists, thank you for your donation or investment to help us help them on their journey.


Laurence Graber

President/CEO Night Roads Entertainment Inc.


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