Are you a booking agency? Can you book my band?

Are you a Booking Agency?  Can you book my band?

ANS. - **DISCLAIMER: We are NOT a booking agency.  Artists we manage have their careers developed and directed for success by US.  We seek out all levels of opportunities


Are you accepting artists for management consideration?

I am an Artist looking for Management. Can I apply to you for consideration? 

ANS. - We are always happy to hear from talented artists and bands who need help getting to that next level for management consideration. Please submit


Can you do production for my demo or project??

I want to record a quality sounding demo of my music and need a producer, inexpensive recording facility and guidance through the process. Can you help me with this? 

ANS. - Yes we can. We have produced entire albums to…


Does your company do career consultations?

I am an up-n-coming artist and I need help and advice on getting myself out there and to the next level in the music industry. Can I hire you for a consultation? 

ANS. - Hi. Congratulations on your readiness for


Can I book your artists?

I am interested in booking one or more of your artists, how can I go about doing that?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in our talented artists for your event or project. You can simply fill out our Booking