What is your quote for booking one of your artists based on?

I want to book one of your artists/bands and I was wondering what you base your quote price on? 

Ans. Your quote/price can be based on any number of variables including distance that needs to be traveled, duration of your event, whether or not sound would be provided, etc.. As you may know, many of these artists are musicians who do this for a living and since we represent some of the best in their field, we know their worth. Many of these artists give up hours of their time traveling to, rehearsing for and preparing for your event and many have loved ones at home to support or leave behind to perform at your event. Considering all that, your event can be 15 minutes or 3 hours, in either case it may take the artist or band well over an hour or 2 in some cases to get to your event and back, as well as hours of practicing and preparing to make your event or project the best it can be. The Artist's/Band's quotes take all this into consideration and are the fairest and most competitive around.

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